Staying safe during Covid-19

Safety tips for receiving an order

Step 1

Wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds or more or clean with hand sanitizer.

Step 2

Wear your mask before opening the door to receive you package.

Step 3

On arrival, the courier will ring the bell or intercom and announce their arrival and their intention to complete a delivery. He/she will also explain that goods will be left at the front door or reception of the premises and they will walk back to a safe sanitary distance (approx. 2metres). This will allow the receiver to safely pick up the parcel and sign the paper copy of the runsheet. Please have your own pen handy. The runsheet will be retrieved by the courier once the process has been concluded and the customer has retreated to a safe sanitary distance

Step 4

After you have received your parcel, we recommend you immediately throw away the packaging and sanitize the contents and your hands.